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We are a global solution provider and thrive to push the frontiers of chemistry. Don’t be limited by synthetic accessibility. Turn your imagination into reality and make the molecule you should, not the one you could. Our chemical expertise gives you access to a virtually infinite chemical space, helping you grasp the full potential of your ideas.

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Defend Against Nitrosamine Impurities with Nitrite-Free LC-MS Solvents

IntroductionIn the world of pharmaceuticals, ensuring the safety and quality of drugs is p

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Process Development and Quality by Design (QbD)

Process development refers to the exercise of creating a means to manufacture a given

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Challenges of scaling up production from grams to kilos

Process chemist will get a process or a readymade from either the company or from the

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Client Testimonials

IIT Bombay-Powair
Monash Research Academy

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Novartis Health Care

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“I just wanted to say thanks for the continued great service you still out-perform in service and pricing.Service, communication and company relationships are excellent”


“PureSynth has a great thing in terms of supplying chemicals in a consistent way with excellent customer support.”

Applied Material

“They have always delivered quality products. They have always been able to suggest the best chemical to fill our needs.”


“Extremely satisfied.In terms of satisfaction with the purchase.”

Huntsman Corporation

“PureSynth has been very good, great prices and service.”


“PureSynth is company that is able to adapt and mold itself to their customers needs.”


“PureSynth is a rapidly growing chemical company that has an extensive range of Organic and Inorganic Chemical Products.”