LABEL Specification

A. Product Brand

     The product’s brand will appear at the top center portion of the label.

B. Chemical Attributes

Useful reference data like Molecular formula, molecular weight and CAS number displayed on our product labels.

E. Product Name

I. Country of Origin

The Country of Origin will be printed on the label when available..

C. Manufacture and Best Before     Dates

All products will have a manufacture date listed. Where applicable, the ‘Best before’ date provides the shelf life of the product. Always refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the most up-to-date ‘Best before’ date for that manufactured lot. Our standard date format is Month, Year.

F. Product Number / Lot Number

The product number and lot number are required to retrieve a Certificate of Analysis. The product number is the first set of characters from a catalog number and appears before the hyphen – this number will not change.

J. Signal Words and Hazard    Precautionary Statements

Indicate the relative level of severity of the hazard.

D. Barcode

This barcode contains the product number, lot number and manufacture date.

G. Product Statements

It includes product line, grade, purity, and preservative statements where applicable.

H. GHS Pictograms

It indicating the nature and degree of the risks posed by the product.

K. Website

Please visit our website to view product specifications, Product catalog and download product documentation like SDS and Certificates of Analysis.